How Can You Tell If a Woman is Sex Buddy Material?

You might think that almost all the women in your life, except your sisters and your mom and, of course, female relatives, are potential sex buddy materials. Well, you’re more than welcome to think that way, but I’m telling you right now, nine times out of ten you are dead wrong. In fact, that’s the worst way to develop a sex buddy. You can’t just start with an existing friendship and then somehow, someway, talk that woman into banging. You have to join to find the right type of girls for a fuckbuddy relationship.

The reason why this almost always leads to you losing friend should be quite obvious to you. You have to remember that that person is a friend because she finds certain value in you, and guess what, none of that value has anything to do with you as a sex partner. If you can get this right through your head, then you can increase the likelihood that your efforts at developing a sex buddy would increase tremendously.

Unfortunately, most guys insist on doing things the hard way. A lot of guys insist on doing things the most disastrous way possible and they really only have themselves to blame when their whole emotional world blows up and falls apart around them. Let me make it clear, if you are looking for a sex buddy do not start with your existing female buddies. That is a sure recipe for you being labeled as a local scumbag, douchebag, and piece of shit. Step away from that idea as soon as possible.

Instead, you should look at the whole process as an adventure. Don’t be lazy and try to convert your existing friends into your personal cock holders. That’s not going to happen. And if it does, there’s a high likelihood that you might end up getting disowned by many of your female friends once the word gets around.