Brooke Marks

Forbidden Will Wreck Your Pants. Check Brooke Marks Here .

DIRECT A ROOM FULL OF ASPIRING MODELS TO “BE SEXY,” and most will drop their chin, jut out their chest, or screw down their expression into a vapid, Paris Hilton-esque gape meant to suggest, “let’s do it?” Ask Brooke Marks to be sexy, and she’ll probably laugh, grab you by the collar and purr, “Let’s do it!” Yes, she’s kidding. She’s too much of a comic to fit the part of a model.

But when you’re built like Brooke is, sex appeal isn’t something that takes a lot of effort.

Chanelle Shows

My name is Chanelle. I really enjoy taking my clothes off in front of a camera. Once i do that i put my photos on my site for you to see. 🙂 Check my latest updates >>>>

I love being sexy and flirty and dirty in front of the camera. I just turned 18 so of course I haven’t moved out yet, and my Dad doesn’t let me go out much, but my loss is your gain! When I’m bored I just turn the camera on in my room and start having fun with myself. 🙂 

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