Jordan Capri’s Honeymoon Video

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McKenzie MilesMcKenzie MilesMcKenzie MilesMcKenzie Miles

I’m always out looking for something new to do with myself and you can be sure it’ll involve being naked. You’ll see me and my friends get into all kinds of trouble. I love cock like crazy, but I’ll eat my best friends pussy all day long and enjoy every minute of it. Ceck my kinky adventures on my site McKenzie Miles


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just taking a bath:)

Well im sure you have seen a lot of my bath shoots, nothing big just me all wet and horny! haha yeah i got all kinds of bubbles in the tub and relaxed, then it was time to shave and i know you all get alittle turned on my me shaving hehe so here ya go, if only my video camera would have been around in this set so you could see me rubbing myself! hmmm hehe enjoy

rockband kicks ass!!

well ive been wanting one for a long time, and so i thought i wouldlet you guys see how good i am:) hehe well im not too good i just got it) but i will get better! but then i had the best idea:) you know the drumsticks, i thoughthmm that would be freaking hott if i stuck one in each hole! haha so yeah it felt alittle differentcause they were soo skinny but felt nice:) so hope that you anal fans will like this… although its a big tease for ya! hehe enjoy

I am alittle rocker!

so i love rock and roll so this set was soo much fun to get all rocked out! hehe it was funny though cause when i had went to get a few things for this outfit the guy at the store that was helping me knew who i was:) hehe so it was pretty cool:) anyways i get alittle kinky you could say with the drum sticks but hey you have to try everything once:) hehe well hope ya like!